Planetary Habitability And Sustainable Exploration Research Group

MA Rong

Assistant Professor

Tel: (8610) 68113050

2005.09-2010.07 Ph.D. School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, Beihang University(BUAA)
2001.09-2005.07 B.S. School of Aeronautic, Northwest Polytechnic University(NWPU)

Research experience
2012-9-present, Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology, Assistant Professor

2010.9-2012.8 R&D Department, China Academy of Space Technology, Engineer

Research Interests

Multiphase Flow in Space

Main Publications
1. Ma R, Yao W, et al. Numerical simulation of fluid behaviors under influencing-factors of cryogenic capillary-flow under microgravity. 7th International Symposium on Advaces in Computational Heat Transfer(CHT-17), Napoli, Italy, 2017.
2. Ma R, Yao W, et al. Numerical simulation of bubble dynamics behavior in nonuniform electric fields under under microgravity conditions. 12th World Congress in Computational Mechanics, Seoul, South Korea, 2016.
3. Ma R, Yao W, et al.Direct numerical simulation of bubble dynamic behavior in electric fields under microgravity conditions. 66th Astronautical Congress, Jerusalem, Israel, 2015.
4. Ma R, Yao W, et al.Numerical simulation of Convective-Radiative coupled heat transfer performance for high altitude airships. 7th International Conference on Fluid Mechnics(ICFM7), Qingdao, China, 2015.
5. Ma R, Li Y, et al.Study on optimization design of stratospheric airship shape based on B-Spline. Spacecraft Engineering, Vol.22, No.5, 2013.
6. Ma R, Liu PQ, et al. Optimization design study of Low-Reynolds-Number High-Lift airfoils for the High-Efficiency propeller of Low-Dynamics Vehicles in Stratosphere. Journal of Science China(Series E), Vol.53, No.10, 2010.
7. Lu X, Ma R, Wang C, Yao W*. Performance analysis of a lunar based solar thermal power system with regolith thermal storage. Energy 107: 227-233, 2016.
8. Zheng W, Zhang XY, Ma R. A simplified thermal model and compatison analysis for a stratospherica lighter-than-air vehicle. Journal of heat transfer-transactions of the ASME, 2017
9. Wang Q, Zhang G, Wang C, Ma R, Yao W*. The electrically induced bubble behaviors considering different bubble injection directions. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 104: 729–742, 2017.
10. Yao W*, Lu X, Wang C, Ma R. A heat transient model for the thermal behavior prediction of stratospheric airships. Applied Thermal Engineering 70(1), 380-387, 2014.
11. Wu Y, Wang C, Wang L, Ma R, Lu X,Yao W*. Altitude control performance of a natural energy driven stratospheric aerostat. Advances in space research 56(11): 2508-2514, 2015.
12. Lu X, Yao W, Ma R, et al. Numerical investigation of lunar regolith thermal energy storage in a lunar based solar thermal power system. International Symposium on Advances in Computational Heat Transfer, 2017.
13. Lu X, Wang C, Ma R, et al. Perfromance analysis of a lunar based solar thermal power system with static converters. Proceedings of the 16th International Heat Transfer Conference, 2018.